Accessing the TeamDynamix Client Portal

This video references a new TeamDynamix implementation. If you are an existing TeamDynamix customer and are using this video series for a new admin training, you can ignore the action items related to getting added to your implementation project.
We suggest watching the TeamDynamix Foundations videos in order.


In this session, we'll discuss how you access the TeamDynamix resources you need throughout your implementation.

Learning Objectives

After completing this session, you should be able to:

  • Access the TeamDynamix Knowledge Base
  • Access the project Briefcase to view project-related files
  • Create a project issue to request assistance on your project
  • Submit a product idea in the TeamDynamix Service Catalog

Video Notes

Action Items

  • Create a TeamDynamix Community Account
  • Request access to your implementation project
  • Log in to
  • Familiarize yourself with the Knowledge Base and your project


In this video, we'll discuss how you access the TeamDynamix resources you need throughout your implementation and beyond.

Your home base for the implementation project will be the TeamDynamix Solutions Client Portal, commonly referred to as TDClient. You can access the Client Portal at, where you can review TeamDynamix knowledge base articles and access documentation and updates about the project.

Some areas of the Client Portal, like your project and certain knowledge base articles, are only available if you sign in. In order to sign in, you'll need to create a TeamDynamix Community account.

Use the link in the video notes to register for a community account, and then request access to your implementation project. Make sure to do both steps so TeamDynamix can add you to your project. Once you have a community account, you can log in to the Client Portal by clicking Sign In at the top right corner.

After you have been granted access to your project, you can click on the Projects/Workspaces link on the top navigation menu, then click on the name of your project to open it. If you don't see your project, make sure you've requested access using the link in the video notes.

Inside your project, you can view project details, see recent updates, ask questions and more. We'll discuss some of the more common areas you'll interact with.

The Briefcase tab is used to share files related to the implementation. You can create folders and upload files to the implementation using the buttons on the right.

The Issues tab is used to create project issues on the project. Project issues are used to log any of your questions or requests you have related to the project. It's also how you'll contact your implementation consultant if you need anything.

Submitting a project issue ensures that all project related conversations, Q and A's, and problems are logged for later reference, and project issues are answered within one business day, as long as you check the box to notify your project manager when you create the issue. To create a new issue, click New at the top. Read more about how to create a project issue, including which information to include in the knowledge base article linked in the video notes.

The Plans tab is used to view and interact with your project plan. The implementation plan lists each of the different modules in your implementation and their associated subtasks. Click into the implementation plan to see the different learning objectives and actions required to complete each module. Note that depending on where you are in the intake process, the plan may not be fully populated. Usually, the plan will be added towards the end of the project intake process.

Finally, the Feed is an audit trail of everything that's happened within your project. You can use the comment button to add to the feed. Make sure to also notify your project manager and any others you want to see the message.

Aside from your project, there are other helpful resources in the Client Portal that you can review. To access TeamDynamix knowledge base articles, click the Knowledge Base link on the top navigation menu. You can then review recent and popular Knowledge Base articles or use the categories to find the content you need.

You can also use the search bar in the top right corner to search for specific items, and use the dropdown menu to the left of the search bar to filter your results to only Knowledge Base content.

The Service Catalog is used to request services you may need from TeamDynamix, both during your implementation and after you go live. If you have an idea of how to improve TeamDynamix, either by changing functionality or introducing new features, please submit a product idea through the Service Catalog. Our product team uses this form to determine the features that are most important to our users. Be sure to thoroughly explain the problem and an ideal solution.

Now you know how to access the Solutions Client Portal, browse the Knowledge Base, and access your project. Review the video notes for more helpful information on this topic and review your action items for this session.

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