TeamDynamix Foundations


Welcome to TeamDynamix Foundations! This training is composed of a series of videos, each of which explain a key aspect of the TeamDynamix system environment. Whether you are just starting to implement TeamDynamix at your organization or simply training as a new TeamDynamix administrator, this series will help you understand the basics of TeamDynamix user management and organization settings.

You can watch the videos in any order, but we suggest breaking up the training up into three parts, and viewing the videos in the order outlined below.

Each article will have an embedded video and transcript you can use to follow along. The videos will also include learning objectives for each video, and some include action items you should complete before meeting with your implementation consultant.

Part 1: Preparing For Your Implementation

  1. Accessing the TeamDynamix Client Portal
  2. Overview of the TeamDynamix Environments
  3. Managing TeamDynamix Administrators

Part 2: Organization Settings

  1. Managing Account/Department Records
  2. Locations and Location Rooms
  3. Creating and Managing Attributes
  4. Configure Briefcase/Attachment Integrations
  5. Days Off

Part 3: People and Groups

  1. People Records in TeamDynamix
  2. Security Roles and License Types
  3. Sections of a User Record
  4. General Section of a User Record
  5. Applications and Application Security Roles
  6. Creating a User Manually
  7. Creating and Managing Groups
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