Using the My Work Application

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In this video, you will learn about using My Work, an application in TDNext that consolidates all of the work that pertains to you.

Learning Objectives

Test your knowledge by completing the following tasks in your own TeamDynamix environment.

  • Access the My Work application in TDNext
  • View the My Assignments list in the My Work application
  • View the My Work list in the My Work application
  • Optionally, add an assignment to your My Work list


In this video, you will learn about using My Work, an application in TDNext that consolidates all of the work that pertains to you.

My Work is an application that allows you to view all of your assignments in one place. My Work makes it easier for you to organize the work assigned to you. You can access My Work in TDNext by clicking the application menu and clicking My Work.

My Assignments automatically displays any work items where you are the primary responsible person on the item. It can also display items assigned to any groups that you are a member of. This includes tickets, ticket tasks, project issues, project tasks, and approvals assigned to you.

The filter option on the My Assignments page allows you to display specific assignments. You can group assignments based on criteria like Priority or filter assignments based on a specific project. You can also sort the displayed items based on Start Date, End Date, Priority, and more or filter the items to only show assignments scheduled for the future. To toggle between items assigned to you specifically or those assigned to groups you're in, you can the Show Group Assignments checkbox.

From the My Assignments page, you can quickly comment on, update, or add time to a work task using the quick action buttons. Clicking Comment opens a popup, which allows you to add a comment and optionally notify anyone on the ticket. Clicking Update opens a new window with the same functionality that you would see when you click Update in the ticketing application.

As you continue to use TeamDynamix, your My Assignments page may get quite lengthy. You can use the Add to My Work button to add items to your My Work list, which can be customized to show you only certain work items. Some of the items in My Assignments may not be assigned to you specifically but are assigned to your group. When you add one of these items to My Work, it becomes assigned to you specifically, rather than being assigned to your group in general.

Let's click Add to My Work to add this to our work list. If you don't have any assignments right now, you can just follow along on the screen. Now that we have items in our list, click on My Work in the left navigation menu to see your work list.

Adding work tasks to the My Work section allows you to sort and prioritize your work tasks for the day or week, similar to a to-do list. Drag and drop to order your tasks. You can update or close them as you go. You can also click the name of a work task to view the details of the ticket, project issue, or task.

Now you know how to use the My Work application. As you continue to use TeamDynamix, My Work will become more helpful to you. Make sure to come back and explore its features.

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