TeamDynamix Technician Training


Welcome to Technician Training! This training is composed of a series of videos, each of which explain a key aspect of the technician experience in TeamDynamix. In each video, we will cover a particular topic. You can watch the videos in any order, but we suggest breaking the training up into four parts, and viewing the videos in the order outlined below.

Each article will have an embedded video and transcript you can use to follow along.

Part 1: Finding and Organizing Your Work

  1. Accessing TeamDynamix Interfaces
  2. Using TDNext
  3. Visualizing Information with Desktops
  4. Creating and Editing Desktops
  5. Using the My Work Application

Part 2: Using the Ticketing Application

  1. Ticketing Application Overview
  2. Searching and Filtering Tickets
  3. Forms and Ticket Classifications
  4. Creating Tickets in TDNext
  5. Ticket Anatomy
  6. Common Ticket Activities
  7. Explaining the Actions Button in a Ticket
  8. Working with Ticket Tasks
  9. Working with Ticket Workflows

Part 3: Using the Client Portal

  1. Client Portal Overview
  2. Using the Service Catalog
  3. Using the Knowledge Base
  4. Contributing to the Knowledge Base

Part 4: Reporting

  1. Reporting Overview
  2. Understanding the Sections of a Report
  3. Creating a Ticket Report
  4. Creating a Ticket Task Report
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