Using TDNext

We suggest watching the Technician Training videos in order.


In this video you will learn about the TDNext interface, including accessing applications and navigating through content.

Learning Objectives

Test your knowledge by completing the following tasks in your own TeamDynamix environment.

  • Log in to TDNext
  • Use the application menu to open an application
  • Access the TeamDynamix Help articles
  • Close an application


In this video, you will learn about the TDNext interface, including accessing applications and navigating through content. TDNext is an application suite where you will spend the majority of your time in TeamDynamix. This is where the ticketing, asset, and project management applications are all utilized.

TDNext has a collection of applications and views you can use to work more effectively. When you first access TDNext, you will see your Desktop. The Desktop is a customizable application that allows you to view both out-of-the-box widgets and custom-built reports. You can view the work you're assigned to, charts and graphs, and more. You can create a new Desktop by using the New Desktop button at the top of the page. We will talk about creating and editing desktops in a separate session.

At the top left of the screen, you will see the application menu. The application menu shows you all of the TDNext applications you have access to. Note that the applications you can see in the menu depend on your permissions and access. The applications in the menu are ordered alphabetically, except for Desktop, which is listed first, and Help, which is listed last. Clicking Help opens TeamDynamix's Knowledge Base, where you can view TeamDynamix support articles.

Let's click on the ticketing application. Our ticketing application is called IT Tickets. As you can see, clicking on an application in the menu opens the application in the tab. These tabs behave like browser tabs.

Let's use the application menu to open another application of your choice. We can switch between our open applications by clicking on their tabs. If you prefer your open applications to display in a specific order, you can drag the tabs to reorder them.

To close an applications, click the X on its tab, just like you would in a browser. You can always reopen an application by clicking back on the application menu. Finally, you can click the arrow on an applications tab to open the application in a new window or a separate browser tab. Note that if you log out of TDNext, the next time you log in, the same applications will still be open in their tabs.

Now you know how to navigate through TDNext. Start exploring and get more comfortable with the applications.

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