Using the Knowledge Base

We suggest watching the Technician Training videos in order.


In this video, you will learn about the Knowledge Base and some of its basic features.

Learning Objectives

Test your knowledge by completing the following tasks in your own TeamDynamix environment.

  • Access your organization's Knowledge Base
  • Explore the categories in the Knowledge Base and the articles within them
  • Read through a few Knowledge Base articles


In this video, you will learn about the Knowledge Base and some of its basic features.

The Knowledge Base is a collection of articles intended to provide information, self-service troubleshooting help, and documentation for your clients. To access the Knowledge Base, click Knowledge Base on the top navigation bar of the Client Portal.

The Knowledge Base is organized into categories and subcategories to make it easier for your customers to find articles relevant to them. If enabled, customers can also use the search bar to search for articles.

TeamDynamix administrators can control who has access to each Knowledge Base article or category. This makes it easy to have a separate Knowledge Base category for internal documentation that only technicians or specific groups can see.

Each article in the Knowledge Base has a main body which can include images, embedded videos, and more. It can also have tags, a list of related Knowledge Base articles, and attachments.

Each article has a feedback section at the bottom, asking if the article is helpful. You can choose Yes or No, and provide comments. This can be very helpful in keeping the Knowledge Base up to date and helping knowledge owners understand articles' performance.

Now you know the basics of the Knowledge Base. Feel free to explore your own organization's Knowledge Base, get familiar with its layout, and even add some feedback.

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